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 Levis is a privately held American clothing industry area served worldwide.it was founded in May 1853 exactly 165 years ago in San Francisco, California  U.S by Levis Strauss inventor of blue jeans when he came from Buttenheim, Bavaria Germany. Levis has 2800 company-operated stores. Currently serving CEO of Levis is Chip Bergh and CFO Hermit Singh. Levi’s has other brands like Dockers, Denizen, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Levis ranks as one of the best jeans in the world. jeans which are levis 501, levis 511, levis 505, levis 504, levis 403 famous ones.

Further history visit Wikipedia 

History of Levis 501 jean

Levis has come to embody classic American as the original denim purveyor. Levi’s denim emerged as the de-facto symbol of youth and revolts these two tailors Jacob David and Strauss invented the first rooted denim ‘XX’, which would later become known as the original Levis 501 jeans. In start became famous as men’s workwear, Levi’s blue jeans was a part of women’s strike wardrobe in the early 1900s. In the early these styles were adopted by Old Hollywood bad boy James Dean, Levi’s denim quickly gained so much public’s interest throughout the mid-20th century, becoming a mainstay of American casual wear.

Later adopted by countless people, Levi’s established as the unofficial uniform of 1960s counter-culture. In the 21st century, Levis brand maintained its quality denim jeans in styles of every prompting. From its 711 Skinny and 721 and others to the freshly Levis 501 jeans Skinny. Classic washes and more Wedge. Vintage-trend, and 100% denim jeans both build Levi’s rich heritage. Now it has become official Levis 501 jeans.

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levis 501 wasit size

inseam & height

Levis 501 jeans

Levis 501 jeans Description


Levis 501 jeans description


Levis 501 jeans stuff

Levis 501 vintage

You can visit website https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/features/501-series and check features.

You can select size, waist, length, and description as well. These are the some of the snaps I took from official site www.levi.com

Levis 501 jean Details

 levis 501 mens, , levis 501 details

Complaints about Levis 501 jeans

Many of the people who love Levis are complaining about its quality and size.

these are wearing jeans for more than 30 years.so Levis should take these reviews seriously. Many of the customers are giving up on Levis

Check reviews 

  • They are saying “ not what they use to be “
  • not liking the new way of stitching,
  • ripped out
  • heavier material than last item
  • quality issues
  • customer service putting customers on hold, not helpful
  • problem with tag

Levis 501 men’s original fit jean DISCOUNT

Well, every customer’s wish is to buy stuff on discount. In case if you are not interested in buying 501, not a big deal, you may go  for other stuff as well as Levis 511,512,505,505,510 etc

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Moreover, Levis is offering up to 60% off on men, women and kids items. But right here our focus is on jeans 501 so you can follow these steps to have discount

How to buy 

Step 1

Go to https://www.levi.com

Step 2

Click on “UP TO 60% OFF SALE “shown down in red color in a snap.

levis 501 sale, cheap levis 501

Step 3

Fill out these required filters so you can find perfect jeans for you, I have added snaps for your guide.

Levis 501,Levis 502 , Levis 510, Levis 511, Levis 512

Step 4

Select, a fit number on your favorite jeans. I clicked on 501 which is my favorite

levis 501 size conversion


you will find your Levis 501 discounted jeans here

Levis 501 men

For more help here is the direct link to the discounted website



Levis offers 20% off + free shipping on first order

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Another way to order (online)

You can buy Levis 501 jeans 201 original from Amazon link below

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